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“As a recipient of the 2019 Future Leaders Scholarship at MSU, I plan on transforming communities and bringing opportunities to those who seize them.”

 Denisa Axhami, known as Denisa Debocci in the entertainment industry, is a versatile professional with expertise in writing, media, and community affairs.

At 19, Axhami pursued business and opened her first business at 20 years of age that initiated her entrepreneurial career.  As a 2x author, her books have encouraged poetry worldwide, as the bookshelves of Zayed University in Dubai, UAE have made a home for her future publications.

She is a graduate of Oakland University and is pursuing her graduate studies at Michigan State University in Macro Social Work: Organizational and Community Leadership.

Other organizations, companies, and partnered agencies include:

Inforum Michigan
Association for Community Organization and Social Administration
National Association of Social Workers
International Federation of Social Workers
Broadcast Music, Inc.
H.i.t.s.  Entertainment
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