In January of 2016, Remember This was released.

After months of creating this vision of a book that can reach millions, she took her ideas and made them into reality. 75 people were interviewed and were asked to share something rooted in their heart. Taking their stories and experiences as inspiration, 150 short stories and poems were written. All of the daring pages were based on true stories. The goal was to expose life’s realities, both beautiful and dark, one page at a time. Remember This had all of its readers strolling down memory lane.

July of 2017, Vintage: Words Uncensored was put on the market as well. This was a way to expose realness and rawness that wasn’t expressed in past work. Some artists, authors, and songwriters watch every word they say in fear of the public’s reaction, but this specific book does not hold back.

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Be on the look out for Black and White and Mercy releasing in 2018